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Imagine if a nurse or therapist could bring you skilled care at home, while teaching you how to live more independently so you can stay at home. That’s what skilled home health care services is all about. Our services can help you rehabilitate from medical events like stroke or surgery. We can also help you manage chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, or arthritis. Simply put, skilled home health care helps you live your life to its fullest through care that’s delivered right in the comfort of your home.

A Bridge Between
Your Doctor and Home.

Our clinicians bring you state-of-the-art care at home. We assess your environment, your needs, and your goals, and work with you to achieve the results you want. We also coordinate with your doctor to deliver a clearer picture of your progress and respond to any sudden changes to your health.

Home Health nurse with elderly man discussing medicine.
Home health care nurse with elderly female.

Caring for You,
at Home.

Preferred Home Health is defined by our clinical expertise and the compassion we deliver every day — one patient at a time.


You will be receiving quality care from people you know and trust. Our nurses, therapists, and other healthcare professionals are local and dedicated to educating and empowering patients in the comfort of their own homes. Our hometown commitment allows patients to take charge of their own care.

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